Darius Vaičiulis, President


Tomas Urbonas

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Juozas Tunaitis

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Rolandas Malaiška

Vida Drąsutė

Mantas Raišys

Inga Sebeikienė

Agnė Šulčiūtė

Eglė Liubancaitė

Control comittee

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Robertas Alzbutas

Romualdas Taurozas

Priority areas of activity:

1. Strengthening the KTU Alumni community

  • Development of Alumni contact network;
  • Strengthening and fostering the relationship between Alumni and the University;
  • Strengthening pride of the University.

2. Knowledge and lifelong learning

  • Promoting the involvement of Alumni in the activities of the University;
  • Participation in University events (open lectures, conferences, meetings);
  • Participation in the events of the Association.

3. Support to the University

  • Sharing knowledge and experience with the academic community (Mentorship, reading lectures and presentations, supporting young talents, etc.);
  • Expressing the position of Alumni on relevant topics;
  • Search for other ways to support.

The proactive start of the KTU Alumni community is marked by the thumbprint, which has become the official symbol of the KTU Alumni Association, and which is surrounded by the inscription “KTU Alumni – a Stamp for Life”. This sign confirms the declaration of the establishment of the KTU Alumni Club, which was signed by the initiative group of KTU graduates in 2010.

Thumbprint because:

  • Fingerprint is proof of a person’s identity and uniqueness. The Association respects the uniqueness of each Alumni and unites graduates of various study programs and who have chosen different career paths.
  • In ancient times, fingerprinting was a responsibility. We believe that being a KTU Alumni is not only an honor but also a responsibility.
  • Fingerprint is used in modern technology as a recognition key that gives access to a real group of people. Belonging to an Alumni Association unlocks the opportunity to access the latest scientific knowledge and the academic world of KTU.
  • Thumbs are associated with positivity and growth. We encourage Alumni to build a stable, long-lasting alumni community with their own traditions.

The symbol is immortalized on 3th of June 2017: During the event “KTU Alumni returns”, an engraving of the symbol on the plaque was unveiled. You will find it at the entrances to the “Santaka” Valley, in front of the main entrance.